Sunday, November 25, 2012

Essie....I Love Nail Polish!

Hey everyone!! Im back!! Sorry for the hiatus!
I promise this post will make up for it!

Essie Barefoot in Blue
I Love Nail Polish Once Upon a Starry Night

I recently came across a facebook page that posted a ton of cute nail pictures. Then I started to see that she was creating her own nail polish! At first, I was unsure if she was going to sell them, so I sat back and watched the beautiful creations. Then one day I was browsing on etsy and came across her store!!!!! I snatched some babies up so quickly, I think my keyboard was smelling like burnt rubber!

Here I have Once Upon A Starry Night from her latest winter collection. It is a combination of blue, silver, white, prism, and star glitters. GORGEOUS COMBINATION!!!

I have layered one coat, plus dabbing, of Once Upon A Starry Night, over three coats of Barefoot in Blue.

I Love Nail Polish is currently having a sale of 40% off! Head on over and tell Barbra I said HI!!!

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