Sunday, October 30, 2011

30 Days of Untrieds!

I am starting my very own challenge for 30 days called 30 Days of Untrieds!!
Starting November 1st I will be posting every day, each day will be an untried in my stash. Feel free to join me on this challenge!

My friend Jamie from Nails Adored created this adorable image for my challenge. She also creates some awesome blog layouts if you are interested, she works for polish!

Will you be joining me in on this? If so please let me know here so I can add you and link to your blog :) If you do so, please feel free to use the image :)

Those up to the challenge:
Jamie at Nails Adored
Shaina at Haute Lacquer
Nory at Fierce Make Up and Nails
Carly at Lacquered Lover
Thalie at Glazed Talons
Jacki at Adventures in Acetone
Sarah at Lucky Lacquers
Alyssa at Always Polished
Rachel at Cherry Glam Girl
Caroline at Good Lack, Nail!
Caitlin at Something Creative...
Ashley at Follow the Yellow Polish Road
Amber at The Polished Momma
Andrea at Addicted to the Allure of Beauty
Ingie at Limited Addiction Nails
Lindsay at Nailtopia
Alexandria at Je T'aime Lacquer
Chelsea at Pretty and Polised
Natalie at Gems in a Bottle
Gwen at Pudgy Nails

Other Non-Bloggers Participating:
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Just a Little Update!!

Ok so I just thought I would let you all know that I have added some items to my 100 Follower Giveaway :) So you might want to check it out again to see what the prizes are!!!
Check it out here.
Also, thank you to all of my wonderful followers, each and every one of you :) Pin It

Color Club Holiday Splendor

Recently I received some major nail mail, and with that included 4 out of the 6 Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe collection. Today I am going to show you Holiday Splendor which is a beautiful teal green packed with holographic glitter!!

Some say ,by the looks of it, that it reminds them of China Glaze Atlantis. Sadly I do not have Atlantis to compare.

Holiday Splendor was so easy to apply and covered well in two coats! It also dries super fast which is always a plus :)

What do you think? I love all of the colors from this collection, they are all glitters and go perfect for holiday mani's!!

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ghost Nails

Ok so I just wanted to show you this mani that I did using Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. The two that I have are Ghoulie Girl and Numbskull. I put on the Ghoulie Girl ones because I wanted to wear them for Halloween.

The box comes with a cuticle stick, mini file, and a buffer. The strips come in two separate packages with 8 different sizes in each.I only used one package for all 10 fingers.
The application was fairly easy. I cut each strip roughly in half so one strip fit for two fingers. Then you use the cuticle stick to push down the strip. I buffed off the extra and added a top coat and my nails were ready for Halloween!

I know these aren't the best pics but I didn't plan on doing a post on these so they are just cell phone pics. 

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Friday, October 28, 2011

200 Follower Appreciation Giveaway!!

I have some exciting news to tell you!! First of all, thank you all for following me!! Im truly honored!!! Now onto the giveaway!
I am pleased to announce that Llarowe will be sponsoring this giveaway!! Llarowe is headed by Leah Ann who is the US stockist for some amazing nail polish brands such as Ozotic, HITS, Glitter Gal, A England, and Picture Polish.

There will be 1 winner who will receive the prize. The prize is as follows:
1 Ozotic 507
1 HITS Hermes

Ozotic 507

HITS Hermes
You can visit the Llarowe site here
Like their Facebook page here 
Both websites have swatches of colors sold

The Giveaway is open Internationally
Closes: November 19, 2011 11:59pm pst

Nailed to the T 200 Follower Appreciation Giveaway CLOSED

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WOO HOO!! 200 Followers?!! I would have never imagined!!! Thank you to everyone who follows me, I really appreciate it :) Stay tuned for a 200 Follower Appreciation Giveaway coming soon!!! You won't want to miss it :) Pin It

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Liebster Blog Award!!

Thank you so much to Nory from Fierce Makeup and Nails for awarding me with the Liebster Blog Award!! I wasn't positive on what the word Liebster meant so I googled it and found out that it originated from Germany and means friend or love. How sweet right?
Nory is a lovely woman who is very sweet and kind with beautiful nails. I am honored to receive this award from her.

There are a few rules in receiving this award:
1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
2. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving them a comment on their blog.
3. Post the award on your blog.
4. Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the internet
5. Spread the karma!!

My nominees for the Liebster award are:
1. The Polish Lab
2. Ashley is PolishAddicted
3. Nailtique
4. Hello, Polish!
5. The Exotic Lacquer

And there you have it, my nominations :) And thank you Nori for my nomination. Spread the love and friendship!!

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Clarins 230!!

First and foremost I want to say Happy 23rd Birthday to my wonderful husband who is on the road to accepting my love for nail polish.

Holy moly do I have a beautiful nail polish to show you today!!! Clarins 230, or also known as Unicorn Pee!!! I was so fortunate to be able to get this in a swap with my friend Charlotte, and she was fortunate enough to have 2!!!

I layered Clarins 230 over Illamasqua Baptiste and wow!!! Magic happened!

I will warn you that this is picture heavy!

Isn't it just GORGEOUS!!?? I really tried to capture the color change that this nail polish gives but no camera can capture the true beauty of this color! Feel free to click the pictures in order to enlarge them.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nail Mail

I haven't posted many nail mail posts but I just had to share this one! Today I received some great colors!! I got Cult Nails Unicorn Puke, and a swap package from my friend Deborah in the UK which contained Barry M Nail Effects in a purple crackle, and GOSH holographic!!!

I got number 194 out of 275 for my bottle of Unicorn Puke!
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OPI Mad As A Hatter

Recently I received the highly sought after and discontinued OPI Mad As A Hatter!! I was super lucky that my friend Kara had two and wanted to swap! Im really loving swaps lately!! 

When I first started drooling over this color I came across a picture that I knew I had to try immediately whenever I got Mad As A Hatter. Its OPI MAAH over a black creme, I used OPI Black Onyx.
the original photo can be found here. Thank you LeeAnnStoner :)

I love this glitter and will definitely be using it more!! Its so pretty!!!

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Make Up Store Order

Hello :) Today I have a nail mail post for you. Make Up Store recently had a 40% off sale and a few of my friends went in on an order with me to save on shipping. Here's what we got!

 the box that all the nail polish came in!!
the order!

nail polish burritos ready to be sent to their new owners

here's my order and a few extras they sent me as a thank you :)

Make Up Store: Siw, Aqua Fix, Therese, Asun, and Alma

I also ordered a Greta but it was missing from the shipment so they are sending me another. 

Overall my experience with this particular store in Denver was wonderful and all of the employees are fabulous! 

Here is their Facebook page that you can like, and here is the website to see all of their products!

I plan on ordering from them again once I hear of another sale!Who doesn't love a sale?!!

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Illamasqua Viridian Layering Experiment

A few days ago I did a mani with Illamasqua Viridian, as gorgeous as it is, I couldn't leave it alone! There were so many things I had in mind to layer over this gorgeous color and I couldn't choose. So that is when I decided that I am going to do Layering Experiments. 

My Layering Experiments will be about a mani that I had done, most likely a solid color, and then I will choose any where from 5-10 different colors to layer with.

Now onto the beauty!!
OPI MAAH, Clarins 230, The Color Workshop, Funky Fingers Blitzen, OPI Silver Shatter

OPI Black Shatter, OPI DS Shimmer, Funky Fingers Sand and Stilettos, The Color Workshop, Nubar 2010

thumb: silver shatter, index: blitzes, middle: TCW, ring: clarins 230, pinky: MAAH

thumb: black shatter, index: shimmer, middle: sand and stilettos, ring: TCW, pinky: 2010

 I think that all of the combinations are a possible full mani for me. The Color Workshop colors did not have any names for them. Here are some up close shots of the bottles, these are very cheap and can be found in a set at local drugstores. 

This one reminds me of CND effects.

This one is similar to Make Up Store Alma.

So what do you think? Would you like to see more of the Layering Experiments in the future? 
Which combination is your favorite?

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Illmasqua Viridian

Illamasqua Viridian is a gorgeous green! It was a beauty to apply, so smooth and easy. The only problem I found was the bald spots it left in certain places. Other than that, the formula is spectacular and has great wear!

Viridian is such a great color. It truly is gorgeous. I am glad that I caved in on the price for Illamasqua's because they truly are worth it!

Stay tuned for a special layering post with this color where I layer all 10 fingers with a different color on top of Illamasqua Viridian!!

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Illamasqua Phallic

Recently I received some nail mail from Sephora and ebay that included my very first Illamasqua's and NARS. I also purchased Color Club Milky White base coat because I heard it was a good dupe for an aqua base coat used for holo nail polish.

I had googled tons and tons of Illamasqua swatches before purchasing these and I must say, I did pretty darn well on picking my top three!! They are all so gorgeous!

Illamasqua Phallic is a beautiful deep royal blue that shines with teal, blue, and purple minuscule glitters! It is pure bliss in a bottle! The bottles are so cute too!

 no flash

What do you think? I love it!! Definitely one of my favs!

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

100 Follower Giveaway!!! CLOSED

First off I would like to say thank you to all of my wonderful readers! I feel so blessed that I am interesting enough that 100 people wanted to follow my nails, MY NAILS!! I never expected this when I first started, but I am very happy and grateful to have all of you :)

So without further adieu, here is a little something to show my appreciation!

1st prize: 
Color Club Back to Boho Collection 
and choose one of my custom frankens pictured above.
You can see the Color Club swatches here.

2nd prize:
one of my frankens pictured above
& Confetti Tazmanian Devil

My Appreciation Giveaway ends:
November 12th, 2011
11:59pm pst
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Friday, October 14, 2011

L'Oreal Owl's Night

I was in my local Walgreens and saw they had a new display up, it ended up being the L'Oreal Project Runway LE collection. The first nail polish color that caught my eye was Owl's Night.

Owl's Night is a gorgeous brown based nail polish with gold glitter. It covered well in two coats but it applied a lot like Orly Sweet Peacock where it dragged in certain areas due to the insane amount of glitter.

I found it very hard to capture the correct color of this nail polish. It is very gorgeous and has a beautiful glow about it in the light. Pin It