Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Team Deven

Team Deven!!

Deven is a boy that is currently diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. He is a close relative of a really good family friend. He was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma on his 14th birthday in 2011. Deven is currently 15 and unfortunately cancer is kicking his butt.
Here is a little bit about what he has and is going through from his Facebook page:

"Deven has had six open heart surgeries, has another life-threatening disease called Protein Losing Enteropathy, as well as his latest struggle with Hodgkins Lymphoma. In spite of having three life-threatening medical illnesses and all the rigorous treatments he must endure, Deven has an amazing attitude. What a privilege and honor it is to be co-designing a room with such a wonderful and caring young man."

"1997 - B/T Shunt (Cardiac)

1997 - Plicated diaphragm repair (Abdominal)

1998 - Bi-directional Glenn (Cardiac)

1999 - Atrial Septectomy (Cardiac)

2001 - Fontan (Cardiac)

2002 - PLE diagnosis, to include numerous hospital stays, thousands of labs, tests, transfusions and treatments, missed school and play dates, Hooking up NG tube at night to pump full of protein.......
2007 - Fontan Shunt placement (Cardiac)
2009 - Fontan Fenestration (Cardiac)

All of the above was by the age of 12!

2011 - Hodgkins Lymphoma, to include lymph node biopsy, Picc line placement, 4 rounds of chemotherapy, numerous hospital stays, labs, tests, transfusions and missing 8th grade year
2012 - Relapsed Hodgkins Lymphoma, to include 2 lymph node biopsies, 2 Picc line placements, Broviac placement, over 20 rounds of chemotherapy, low platelet bleeding, numerous hospital stays, labs, tests, transfusions, Stroke, Seizures, missing 9th grade year, overall poor quality of life...."

As you can see, Deven is very strong!

I would like to show my support to Deven and his family by doing manicures in honor/support of him. The color for Hodgkins Lymphoma is lilac. I think that if we could all just do one little thing and paint them in honor of him, just to let him know that he is not alone in this world. The nail polish community is so big and we have a chance to do really great things with it. I think this is a great chance to really put those nails to use.

I would love to dedicate a few days for people to do a mani for Deven in support of him and his fight against cancer. At the bottom of this post you can find the link to add your photo to. I am also going to be posting to my Facebook page and so feel free to share on. You can also email me your mani at :)
**Pssst.....I might, just MIGHT have a little giveaway for those who participate.  Ends March 31st ;)**
Hint...its a LE Enchanted Polish that Deven would love!

Here are a few things that interest Devin that may inspire your mani! Taken from his Facebook page:

"Deven is an amazing 14-year-old boy who loves many things including the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” So much so that he has decided that he would like his dream bedroom to be all about this movie along with everything related to gaming. Deven also likes classic rock, Hip-Hop rap, and Heavy Metal music. His favorite foods are California rolls, filet mignon and hot wings. And his very favorite colors are purple and turquoise. He also enjoys watching Family guy and South Park."

Let's all show our support for Team Deven!
You can visit his Facebook page here to say hi!

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