Monday, April 30, 2012

Franken Feature: Sonoma Nail Art

Sonoma Sunset
Sonoma Sunset is a gorgeous glitter polish created by Michelle at Sonoma Nail Art. Not only is Michelle a WONDERFUL nail artist, she is also a WONDERFUL nail polish creator!!
Sonoma Sunset is a purple based glitter. It includes many different shades and shapes of purple glitters as well as small periwinkle glitter.

I used two coats of Sonoma Sunset over China Glaze Sweet Hook.
Sonoma Nail Art polishes can be purchased through her etsy shop. Right now she is closed but you can sign up to be notified when she is back open.
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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Franken Feature: NailVenturous Lacquers

Peacock Gone Wild
Peacock Gone Wild is a gorgeous glitter top coat that is very versatile and can be used over many colors! 
I chose to layer it over China Glaze Fuchsia Fanatic. Here is two coats over ChG FF.

As you can see, the colors are mainly blues, teals, turquoise...but there is also a very large surprise of fuchsia square glitters and gold bars as well as hexes.

This glitter is so fun and it really seemed like a party on my nails! Amy is so creative and I feel very fortunate to have this one.
NailVenturous Lacquers can be purchased on etsy, but Amy's shop is currently on vacation until further notice.
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Essie and Lynnderella Get Married!

Today I have a super awesome marriage between two beautiful polishes that I need to show you!
First I have Essie Barefoot in Blue. Barefoot in Blue was the special edition release from Essie that I won from the TOMS giveaway.
Barefoot in Blue is a gorgeous periwinkle blue, there really is no color out there like it!

 Now, here is where the marriage happens.
Lynnderella Forget You Not!
Forget You Not is a beautiful periwinkle glitter with purple and blue shimmer and a hint of small dark olive green hex glitters.

 Here is a gorgeous macro shot of the bottle and all the glitter goodness!

This picture I had to include because it just looked so beautiful with the blue sky. This picture just puts me in a good mood!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Franken Feature: Pahlish Your Silver Lining

How has everyone's holiday weekend been? Mine was fantastic! My family celebrates Easter and we had a great Easter egg hunt put together for my daughter and her aunt and uncles! Anyways, enough with the rambling, ONTO THE POLISH!!!

Pahlish: Your Silver Lining
YSL is a wonderful white polish filled with all sorts of different sized a shaped silver holographic glitters! It is a really fun color and was almost opaque in 2 coats!

While I really love this color and concept, I think if the base color was a tiny bit more sheer you could really see all the different dimensions of glitter in the layers. Other than that, I LOVE IT! It is simple yet girl and fun!

You can purchase this color from Pahlish, an etsy store. Her polishes are full sized and cost $8.50 per bottle.

I am really interested in her Total Eclipse of the Heart polish but it is sold out at the moment. When it restocks I am definitely ordering that one and Lovesong Writer!!!

Edit: She is scheduled for a shop opening this Friday, April 13th with a new color!!
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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Franken Feature: Dollish Polish

Dollish Polish Expecto Patronum
Expecto Patronum is a gorgeous white based polish with turquoise glitter and flakies!!! Anyone who is a polish lover and doesn't have this nail polish, needs to IMMEDIATELY!!!

This polish was easy as pie to apply and was easily opaque in two coats. The glitter and finish is not bumpy at all, its super smooth and glossy. The wear was also really good and lasted a lot longer than other brands I have worn. Normally I have to take off nail polish because I notice chipping, but this one I had to force myself to take off so I can wear another color.

I checked out her shop on etsy and she is currently closed. You can sign up to receive a notification for when she will be open again, but I noticed she might be making some changes and sell her polishes elsewhere.

Dollish Polish sells her frankens at $8.00 for a 15mL bottle. You can check out her etsy shop here and view some of her polishes by clicking sales. She also has a Facebook where more frequent updates are posted.
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Franken Feature: Windestine Egg Hunt

Windestine is an etsy shop that I found that creates unique and lovely nail polish frankens.
I had purchased a few from Windestine and among them was
I thought Egghunt was a perfect nail polish that I could use for Easter, or generally for the month of April.
 Egghunt is a gorgeous green jelly nail polish with holographic bar glitter, large, small, and mini turquoise hex glitter, as well as small pink hex glitter
The application was rather good. I used two coats to get this achieved look. I chose to apply it over China Glaze Four Leaf Clover to give it more of a greener look.

My experience with Windestine was wonderful! The shipping was super fast and arrived safely. I do not see Egghunt available in her shop currently, but she does have other great colors available! Spica is another great one that I got and I also notice a very unique one called Asbestos.

Windestine sells mini and full sized bottles. The full sized bottles are 15mL for $6.00 and the mini's are approx. 5mL for $4.00, shipping is $2.50 for the first item and $1.00 for every item thereafter.
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

China Glaze Four Leaf Clover

Hello everyone!!! Can you believe it is April already?! I really don't know when time flew by so fast! I am glad that the sun is finally starting to shine and Spring is in effect! I am loving the blooming flowers from the almond orchards around me, as well as the green dewey grass in the mornings!

Four Leaf Clover is a perfect way to show my appreciation for nature's beauty lately! FLC is a gorgeous creamy green that leans a bit turquoise at some moments. It is also a PAIN to photograph!

 I am really loving this color and am so glad it is in my collection. Sometimes I just appreciate the simple cremes, they are such a cleanser for my nails.
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