Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Make Up Store Sale

Ok so this Friday, Wednesday October 14th Make Up Store is having ANOTHER 40% off sale. So for those who missed out on ordering last time, here's your chance!

The store that does US shipping is in Colorado. The phone number is (303) 708-0086. The website where you can view all of the gorgeous colors, even HOLOGRAPHIC nail polish, is here. The normal cost of these are $14, but with the sale, they are $8! The aqua-fix i've heard is dreamy for the holo nail polish, so if you order any of those make sure to include the aqua-fix.

The cost for shipping is a flat rate of $11, plus the cost of what you choose to purchase. I know the flat rate may seem a little steep, but if you get a few people together to go in on an order it works out great!!

Make Up Store Greta is a beauty!
One of my nail polish friends over at To Polish Or Not also did a comparison post between Nfu Oh 61 and Make Up Store Greta here. And from her results, I prefer Greta.

You can place an order on hold now and then call back Friday to pay.

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  1. wow thanks for the info! definitely going to order some!

  2. Thanks for linking me Taylor =)
    I'm so excited to order some more =D
    Which ones are you getting?

  3. your welcome :) I'm getting the aqua fix, greta, and siw. how about you?

  4. LOL I'm getting way too much... well the order's not all for me, but I'm getting a few greta, an aqua fix and a backup SIW I think... I'll post a picture when I get them!