Sunday, December 4, 2011

HITS Demeter

HITS Demeter
Demeter is part of the HITS No Olimpio collection. Demeter is a gorgeous orange holographic.

The one thing I didn't really care for about Demeter is the opacity of this color, it is quite hard to reach it fully. I recommend putting a base coat color first, such as white, black, orange, or whatever color suites your needs. Other than that, this color is great and unique!

Another thing that was quite difficult was the brush. I am not sure if I just got a defective brush or what but they are really oddly shaped.

As you can see, the brush is slanted but uneven as well.

HITS are $10 for 6mL each.
You can purchase HITS from Leah Ann, the US Stockist, over at her online shop Llarowe.
You can "Like" Llarowe's Facebook page to get updates on sale's as well as when more stock comes in!
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