Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Franken Feature: Pahlish Your Silver Lining

How has everyone's holiday weekend been? Mine was fantastic! My family celebrates Easter and we had a great Easter egg hunt put together for my daughter and her aunt and uncles! Anyways, enough with the rambling, ONTO THE POLISH!!!

Pahlish: Your Silver Lining
YSL is a wonderful white polish filled with all sorts of different sized a shaped silver holographic glitters! It is a really fun color and was almost opaque in 2 coats!

While I really love this color and concept, I think if the base color was a tiny bit more sheer you could really see all the different dimensions of glitter in the layers. Other than that, I LOVE IT! It is simple yet girl and fun!

You can purchase this color from Pahlish, an etsy store. Her polishes are full sized and cost $8.50 per bottle.

I am really interested in her Total Eclipse of the Heart polish but it is sold out at the moment. When it restocks I am definitely ordering that one and Lovesong Writer!!!

Edit: She is scheduled for a shop opening this Friday, April 13th with a new color!!
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  1. this is susch a cute white polish!

  2. This is a really pretty polish!! I agree. Being a little more sheer would really allow you to see the beauty of the polish.

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    I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award!


  4. I follow you, you follow my. thanks


  5. oh my! i have a recent franken that really looks like this! but in the sun my franken have a reddish tone because of the DelSol Rubby Slipper i mixed, hehe! :)