Thursday, May 17, 2012

Candeo Colors Divebomb Jelly Sandwich

When I received Candeo Colors Divebomb in the mail I knew immediately I wanted to do a jelly sandwich.

For those who do not know what a jelly sandwich is, when it comes to nails, it's when you apply a color, like a cream, then add a glitter or flakie, and top it off with a jelly-like finish nail polish.

For my jelly sandwich I used New York Summer Hot Sky Blue. New York Summer has some awesome jelly polishes!

This next photo looks a bit off on my skin color, but I edited it to show the depth of the glitter in the jelly sandwich.

I applied two coats of NYS Hot Blue Sky, then two coats of Candeo Divebomb, and finally, one coat of NYS Hot Blue Sky.

This mani lasted me quite a while, for more than 4 days wear! The formula on both of these polishes were excellent!
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  1. Pretty! Looks like its underwater :)

  2. I love blue glitter - this is gorgeous!

  3. It's like diving into a pool :)
    I love it!

  4. wow! this is insanely gorgeous, it looks like a tropical ocean:]

  5. So pretty.. Divebomb is the perfect glitter for a jelly sammie! :)