Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Impala Army - Na Mira 3D

This past March I received a wonderful and glorious swap package from my friend Lú who lives in Brazil. She was able to fulfill my Brazilian polish dreams with just one box! Of course I still have some gorgeous Brazilian nail polish, but she definitely spoiled me!
Now I present to you....
Impala Army in Na Mira 3D
Na Mira 3D is such a gorgeous charcoal scattered holo nail polish.
It is really hard to compare this holo. It isn't linear but it's not the scattered that you see in China Glaze Kaleidoscopes....its BETTER!
I applied three coats to get full opacity, but two would have been enough.
Look at that gorgeous bottle shot!!!
I was surprised that the holo even showed in the shade still. It even had a little bit of a color shift which was very unexpected!
Here is a picture taken with the flash. I swear I can look at it ALL DAY!!
I just want to publicly thank Samantha for setting this swap up, as well as thank Lú who made this magic happen! I hope to do another swap soon!!!
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  1. Ooh gosh this is INSANE. :) x

  2. Na Mira it´s the only holo we have available in Argentina, and it´s really cheap, so it kind of amaze me how happy you are with it, it´s sweet! You have everything there LOL

  3. Oooooh. Never heard of this brand, so thanks for sharing!

  4. That is really gorgeous! I need to move to Brazil so I can get my hands on all their polishes!

    1. Janelle, moving or just visiting Brazil is a great way to get your polishes... lol... But, in the meantime, you can find them at

  5. Be careful. It contains formaldehyde resin.

  6. I also love these colors. I would like to import them. Please send me the details on

  7. Hello, I'm brazilian too and this is my fav nail polish of all my collection! It shines a lot and I like to use it with top coat, it is the best holo I've ever seen :) I made a video, if you wanna see, it's in my youtube channel called: 8fab