Monday, June 25, 2012

Swatch Spam: Rainbow Honey

On this fine sunny day I have some swatch spam for you all :)
Rainbow Honey: 
The Equestria Collection
I have swatched all of these over black and white, in the sun and in the shade. The left side of the nail is over black and the right side is over white.

A gorgeous multi-colored flakie polish that can change the look of any base color!

Mare of the Moon
A deepened purple blue with holographic hex glitter and moon shaped glitter.

The Worst Possible Thing
Holographic deliciousness! Lilacs and blues with silver holographic glitter. A great layering polish!

Pinkie Promise
That gorgeous yellow flakie base with pink bar and hex glitter mixed with blue and yellow glitter. Do you see how the base color changes over black?! CRAZY!

The Element of Magic
Purple shimmery flakiness packed base with various purple glitters and small holographic glitter.

20% Cooler
A blue shimmery base with multiple different colored hexagon glitters.

Hoof Wrassle
An orange, jelly, sheer base that builds up gorgeously! Also packed with yellow and gold glitters.

A Little Kindness
A color shifting lilac and pink flakie base with gold, purple, and opaque glitter.

If you haven't heard of The Equestria Collection by Rainbow Honey, you should catch up!! These polishes are so gorgeous and I could not wait to get my hands on them! Oh and the packaging and bottles are to die for and are super cute!

Currently she is working on pre-orders, but should be finishing soon and opening up for shop! "Like" Rainbow Honey on Facebook for updates on her next shop opening and new colors and collections!
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  1. These are all so pretty. I tried to pick a favorite, but I love them all.. so unique!

  2. Oh jeez, I love all of these! But 20% Cooler is so gorgeous!