Friday, June 29, 2012

Swatch Spam: Pahlish

Today I have swatches from Pahlish, one of my favorite indie polish lines, EVER!! Her glitter combinations are to die for!!

Your Silver Lining
You may have seen a post with this polish before, but looking a bit different. Shannon changed the formula to be more of a layering polish. Layering over dark colors looks A-MA-ZING!!!

Fire in the Taco Bell
Man oh man have I been lusting after this polish for a while! It is a gorgeous orange-red jelly packed polish with iridescent glitter as well as various shades of red and orange glitter.

Another amazing polish I have been wanting for a while!! You can see how layering this color over black really brought out the iridescent glitter!! GORGEOUS!

Train Underwater 
A beautiful blue jelly with blue and purple glitter! LOVELY!!!!

Toxic and Timeless
A teal-ish blue layering jelly polish with bar and hex green and blue glitter.

Future Release:
A gorgeous green glitter jelly polish!!! This polish will definitely bring you luck!!

Shannon is usually really good and reliable on restocking every Friday. She has already restocked today, but there are still some up!! Hurry and grab 'em while you can!
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  1. wow! She is talented. All these look amazing!

  2. Oh My Gosh! If you love glitters these polishes are perfect!!