Tuesday, September 4, 2012

31 Day Challenge 2012: Day 4


Green colors used: Catrice Virgin Forest & Pahlish Easy/Lucky/Free
Untried colors used: Catrice Virgin Forest & Pahlish Easy/Lucky/Free

 Catrice Virgin Forest is a deep green polish with light green shimmer. The application was a little streaky, but adding a top coat smoothed things out and made it even.

I then added Pahlish Easy/Lucky/Free glitter to it. ELF is a deep green jelly base with multiple sizes and shades of green glitter. It is a stunning green glitter polish!

I then chose to top it off with New York Summer Hot Green, which is a green jelly.

What color green did you choose to wear for Day 4? What are some of your favorite green polishes to wear?
Come back tomorrow for Day 5!!!

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  1. This is a gorgeous combo I love the glitter alone but the jelly coat on top really is awesome!

  2. wow that looks like something you see in the lab in a sci fi / comic book movie! that looks fab x

  3. I love the jelly over top it really adds some depth.

  4. Oh my my my, this is really pretty!