Saturday, January 28, 2012

BEST NAIL MAIL EVER!!! Nail-Venturous Lacquers

Today I had the best nail mail ever! I received my frankens from Amy at I'm Feeling Nail-Venturous.

Here's a closer look!
LtoR: Rustic Remains, Pinkerbell, & Floam

LtoR: VooDoo Doll, Mosaic Wonder, & Forever Taylor's

Please feel free to click on the pictures to enlarge them and really get a feel of all the little details!

Rustic Remains
Rustic Remains is a gorgeous rusty flakie nail polish with a multicolor shimmer. It's BEAUTIFUL!
LtoR: over OPI That's Hot! Pink, ChG Crimson, nothing, half white & black, & OPI HTAT

blurred to see the goods!

Here is a closeup of Rustic Remains over OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow! Its so pretty!

Pinkerbell is a gorgeous neon glitter! It's a light pink base with neon pink, green, and blue glitter. I have never seen anything like it before!

LtoR: Pinkerbell 2 coats, Pinkerbell over white and black

LtoR: Pinkerbell over OPI Pink Friday, OPI Fly, & OPI Did It On 'Em. The one on the right is Floam.

Floam is also a neon glitter. Floam is a neon blue/teal and green glitter. The name comes from the 90's toy Floam that looked exactly like this!
LtoR: 2 coats of Floam, Floam over:white&black, OPI Fly, OPI Did It On 'Em, OPI Pink Friday, and OPI That's Hot! Pink


VooDoo Doll
VooDoo Doll is a gorgeous black and white glitter polish. The base is a lovely black jelly polish and it has various size black and white glitter. The layering effect is really neat with this one.

LtoR: 2 coats VooDoo Doll, VooDoo Doll over white & black

 Mosaic Wonder
Mosaic Wonder is a really unique and awesome nail polish! This is definitely a top coat that you can add to any color. The base is a holographic glitter and it has larger mosaic like glitter throughout. The effect is really neat and it looks like stained glass!
LtoR: 2 coats alone, 2 coats over white & black

LtoR: OPI Road House Blues, Orly Frisky, OPI That's Hot! Pink

 Forever Taylor's
This one is my personal favorite! Why you ask? Well she named this one after me! I had been looking for a black glitter polish for a while and brought up the idea. Amy said that she would be willing to make one for me! Isn't she just the BEST! This is basically like the WnW Ice Ice Baby glitter, but BLACK! Totally me and GORGEOUS! Thank you again, Amy!
LtoR: 2 coats, 2 coats over white & black

How wonderful and unique are these!! I seriously am still in awe and can't decide what to wear first! These are all so unique and different from any nail polish I have ever seen! What do you think? Which ones are your favorite from my bunch?

Please feel free to check out Amy's most recent post regarding these as well as a GIVEAWAY for a chance to win some!
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  1. Wow, those are really amazing!

  2. These look great! Pinkerbell is my favorite of the bunch and so is Floam!

    1. Thank you! Make sure you click the link towards the bottom to enter her giveaway for a chance to win them!

  3. Wow!!! You did some really awesome combos!!!! I am glad you like them and I hope you enjoy them!!!!!! =)

    1. Thank you! You did such an awesome job on these! I really LOVE them <3 Liking them is an understatement. Thank you!

  4. Amy did an amazing job on these. Just breath taking!

    1. she really did!! I'm loving frankens! i need to get me some of yours next!

  5. OMG! what the f.. is this Pinkerbell and this foam???
    I've never seem a glitter like this!
    I Love them!

    1. Honestly, I'm speechless! I've never seen glitters like that!
      I'm in love!!!

  6. OMG!! i love most of them!! Amy did such an amazing job!