Thursday, January 19, 2012

My New Additions!

Have you missed me yet? Sorry for my latest absence, I recently went back to school, visited my family, and have been trying to make my nails healthier! Ugh, life, it always seems to get in the way! :)

Anyways, onto the goodies! Over the past few months I have acquired some beauties and thought you might like to see!

 Urban Outfitters DUST is a gorgeous light blue base with different sizes of silver glitter. Looks like a DL dupe to me. Here is 2 coats.
Urban Outfitters DUST

First, Pure ICE Oh Baby! is a gorgeous blue and purple effect. The middle is Pure ICE Heart Breaker which is a green shift pigment. Last, Urban Outfitters SNOW, its a red to orange shimmer shift. Here are 2 coats.
L to R: Pure ICE Oh Baby!, Pure ICE Heart Breaker, 
Urban Outfitters SNOW

 Next are Walmart exclusive Nicole by OPI. On the left you have NOPI Best Pink Ever, its a gorgeous sheer pink and orange fleck glitter. Its really hard to explain, but GORGEOUS on the nail! On the right is NOPI Fabulous Is My Middle Name, a multicolored bar glitter with small round silver glitter.
L to R: NOPI Best Pink Ever & NOPI Fabulous is My Middle Name

These are two nail polishes I won in a nail polish Fantasy Football group! They are really pretty and glittery in the sun! The left, Smoking Diva, is a gorgeous brown base with gold flecks. The right, Bold N Bronze, is a golden base with gold flecks. These are really pretty and 2 coats each.
L to R: Dare to Wear Smoking Diva & Dare to Wear Bold N Bronze

Lastly, a very unique beauty. Icing After Party! Its a multi-colored mylar fleck nail polish. I can't wait to layer with this! Here is 2 coats swatched, and on the left over black.
Icing After Party
(over black on the left)

What do you think? Will you be taking a trip to pick some of these up? All of these are relatively inexpensive and are under $8 USD each.

I know I am missing a swatch of Milani Blue Lightening, the color did not look good in my lighting so I am going to take a better picture in the sun, whenever that decides to come out!
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  1. I just bought Oh Baby! yesterday.
    Great haul!

  2. lucky girl! i LOVE the pure ice oh baby! i wish i knew where to find them in canada >.<

  3. Ooooo a nail polish fantasy football league sounds like so much fun!! I love the 2 NOPIs!

  4. I just got Icing After Party the other day! It is awesome!