Monday, January 30, 2012

Nail-Venturous Pinkerbell & Floam Zebra

Today I added a stamp to my mani from yesterday. I decided to do a zebra stamp using BM 223 with Sally Hansen White On just to add a little something extra. I love how simple and cute it turned out!

The wear on these Nail-Venturous lacquers are really good! I have been cleaning, folding laundry, giving my daughter a bath, taking a shower, etc...and its held up SUPER good!

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  1. The aqccent nail looks like a leaf. I like it

  2. Too cute!! I have tagged you in my blog.

  3. ohh gooosh, i love these. so unique. and the name "floam" is adorable! adding to the wishlist. thanks for the great swatch!

  4. The stamp looks great! They were actually talking about nail wear on the news this morning and how adding something new (glitter, stamps, whatever) after a few days is a great way to refresh any damage you may be building up.