Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Brown and Black Holo Comparison

I'mmmm baaaack! My nails are finally starting to look better and grow nicer! I will have my post of the experience using Nailtique.

Today I have a comparison post to show you.
I will be comparing:
OPI My Private Jet (brown holo)
OPI My Private Jet (charcoal-brown holo)
Glitter Gal 10 to Midnight
Glitter Gal Black
Direct Sunlight
LtoR: OPI MPJ(brn holo), OPI MPJ(charcoal holo), HITS Zeus, 
GG 10 to Midnight, & GG Black holo

Indoor Natural Light

As you can see, the closest ones are HITS Zeus and GG 10 to Midnight. The only difference is that the GG has more of a metallic finish in the sun. After swatching this, I'm not too sure I'm in love with my brown holo MPJ! Don't call me crazy now!

If you would like I can also compare two of the newer versions of MPJ and my black holo franken. Just let me know :)
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  1. I love the brown MPJ holo for what it is a brown holo lol! I was so disappointed DS Desire was not the brown holo I thought it was based on Scrangie's post of it. Desire is, in fact, a gold holo. Of all of these I have to say the Hits and 10 to midnight don't thrill me BUT I love the CG Black!

  2. I think both versions of MPJ are beautiful! Thanks for the comparison! I would love to see them compared to your black holo franken!

  3. The brown holo version is my favorite of all the MPJ versions. It's my one 'Holy Grail' polish that I'm always searching for - lol

  4. They're all pretty! Thanks for the comparison!

  5. Yeas, please, another comparison of the newer versions of MPJ and your franken would be great. Thanks.