Monday, February 27, 2012

Franken Feature: Liquid Glitz

Tara over at Tough As Nails, Twice As Pretty creates some pretty awesome frankens! Her brand is called Liquid Glitz. I had been eyeing one of her collections for quite a while and finally asked her if they were available for purchase! She is super nice and kind and ended up offering them for me to review!

Collection: The Glitters
This collection is pure GLITTER! If you can't tell by now, glitter is my favorite, next to holographic of course.
The Glitters collection consists of 6 gorgeous glitters.
Raspberry Rap, Nebulus Rock, Blueberry Pop, Apple Jazz, Slate Fusion, and Mermaid's Hymn.

Raspberry Rap is a gorgeous pink based glitter with a hint of blue. Nebulus Rock is a black based mini glitter polish with larger holographic glitters as well as a hint of magenta glitter. Blueberry Pop is an electrifying blue and black glitter.

Apple Jazz is a great apple green glitter with a slight green base to it. Slate Fusion is a silver glitter with larger holographic glitter. Mermaid's Hymn is a combination of blue, turquoise, purple, pink, green, and holographic glitter.

 I decided to do a skittle mani with the glitters. I am going to do a full mani with Mermaid's Hymn soon.

 First is one coat of the glitters. One thing I have always loved about glitters is that they tend to dry fast.
 1 coat in the shade

1 coat

 Next is two coats of the glitters.
2 coats shade

2 coats indoor light

 Lastly, to reach semi-full opacity is three coats of the glitters.
3 coats indoor light

3 coats sunlight

3 coats sunlight

3 coats natural light

Macro shot of Nebulus Rock

What I really loved about this collection is the fact that you can either use it as a top coat, layer it with other colors, or use it for full on glitter mani's! The formula was really great on these and the glitter dispersed wonderfully.

Tara will be opening up her very own etsy shop soon, but for now if you are interested in these you can email her at:
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