Saturday, February 4, 2012

ManGlaze Nail Mail

ManGlaze Mail
This afternoon I welcomed my first ManGlaze nail lacquers into my home. It was love at first sight!!

How great is this package? They included two ManGlaze stickers, some business cards, and a ManGlaze guitar pick!

 I purchased ManGlaze Santorum, CabrĂ³n, and Lesbihonest. I can't wait to get these on my nails! More importantly, I can't wait for someone to ask what is ON my nails..oh, the look on their face when I tell them the name! PRICELESS!

I also want to add that ManGlaze has pretty great customer service. I had purchased these last Saturday and was worried because my shipping hadn't updated yet. All I had to do was comment on their Facebook page and ask! They immediately replied and got everything fixed! Also my packaged arrived a week later!

ManGlaze retails for $13.13 but are on sale right now for $11.82
You can purchase ManGlaze through their Facebook page or through their Amazon store.

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  1. So lucky I really want lesbihonest and santorum!

  2. I really need to buy some manglaze polishes! I do not own any.

  3. Im SSOOO jealous! Just tried to order lesbihonest via amazon... But they it say, that they dont deliver to Denmark! Waaaa :(