Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mommy's Mani's

So, as you all know I have a gorgeous 2 year old daughter named Aubriana, who is actually turning 3 this week. She loves it when I do her mani's and pedi's, her favorite part is when i massage her hands and feet. Like her mom, she too also loves nail polish.

She is always having me "paint" her nails, and she even picks out her own colors! She is so smart that she can now even open her own nail polish bottles and even paint her nails pretty good all by herself!!

I wanted to show a little bit of a sneak peek so that way I can get some feedback on how you guys like this idea. I will be doing a Mommy's Mani's post every other week if I get good feedback from this.
here is how she paints her nails

here is the sneak peek

As you can see on her sneak peek photo there is a green heart, she insisted on having a green heart on her pictures, I will be using that as a part of her signature on her photos.

For the actual post I will have more pictures, taken inside and outside.

What do you guys think? Would this be something to keep?

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  1. Yes definantly I love parents who actually spend time with their kids

  2. too cute, definitely do it! My 3 year old is also a big fan of doing her nails :)

  3. Very cute, love this idea for a mommy and daughter's time together. If she loves it why not? I would definably keep this, adorable and too cute.


    George :)

  4. This is SO ADORABLE!! I can't wait to see the next one :-)

  5. thank you all!! this really means a lot to me :) i am for sure going to keep this now :) stay tuned for this weeks post then!!

  6. This is so darling. Touches my heart.
    I would love if you continued it, and I adore the green heart!
    It really is the little things in life!!

  7. so cute! definitely keep it and show more :D

    shel xx