Friday, August 26, 2011

OPI DS Diamond

Oh Boy, do I have a beauty to show you or what?!!! Today we have OPI DS Diamond. The application was ok in 3 coats, but I probably could have used another coat. The pictures are without top coat because some say it dulls the holo effect.

OPI DS Diamond is a very, very light version of DS Original. I would call it a very light lilac. I am not sure if it leans lilac because of the holo or what? Whatever it is, it's GORGEOUS!!

All right i'll just get onto the pictures now!! All photos are clickable to enlarge.

outdoor sunlight

outdoor sunlight

outdoor direct sunlight

outdoor light

indoor flash

outdoor sunlight close up

What do you guys think? Let me guess, you're drooling right?!! I am in love with the close up shot!!

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