Friday, August 12, 2011

OPI My Private Jet HOLO!

Ladies and Gentlemen if you could please fasten your seat belts as we are preparing for take off!! Ok that might have been a little corny but oh well :) 

OPI My Private Jet has many versions to it. There is the plain "yuk brown one" that is the most recent version, there is also the blue flash version, teal flash version, and the greatest one of all, the HOLO version!!

Are you ready for take off?!!

 outdoor direct sunlight

 outdoor sunlight

 close up

indoor lighting

 indoor lighting

Isn't the color just GORGEOUS!!! The outdoor holo shots are just to die for!! The most accurate indoor look of My Private Jet is the last picture. Feel free to click any of the pictures to enlarge.

For a comparison on the different versions check out Traci's post over at The TraceFace Philes.
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  1. niiiice! I still wonder why they released so many versions lol

  2. thank you :) and i have no idea lol...they should of just stuck with the first one!!

  3. Love the colour and the holo effect.. It looks great on your nails.