Saturday, September 17, 2011

Frankening Friday

So yesterday I got the urge to franken. I had one in mind that I knew I wanted to do, but in the end I ended up with 14!! The one that I knew I was going to do is my friend Jen's Girls Night Out Franken. She doesn't have a post on it but you can check out her blog here.

A few of the frankens I created look similar, but are in fact very different. I haven't named them all yet so if you have a suggestion for one, let me know in a comment and the number.

Click the pictures to enlarge.

Jen's Girls Night Out


My Husband's Franken: Homo For Romo


If you would like to know what is in them, I will do my best to tell you. Most of them are simple so I remember the recipe, but some I don't. Hope you enjoyed!! I worked really hard and long on these!

Today I got another urge to franken, so there will be more to come!!! Pin It


  1. #6 and #11 are my favorites :). But they're all lovely!

  2. #6 and #2 are my favs. You should post recipes!

  3. Great job!!! they all look lovely!

  4. You made a rainbow of rainbows. :)
    And they all turned out beautifully!

  5. Those purples are ridiculous, well done lady! :D

  6. thank you ladies!!! I'm glad i did a good job!!