Friday, September 23, 2011

Frankening Friday!!

Good Morning!!! Yay it's Friday!!!! Aren't you excited that the weekend is finally here?! I am!! Ok, so anyways last Friday I created some frankens that turned out beautiful!!! I did a post on them last Saturday which you can find here. After seeing that they turned out so good I decided to go at it again and create some more.

Click to enlarge! Oh and excuse my daughters bounce toy in the first picture :)

Unicorn Pox

Purple Panic

A Star Is Born

Circus Bomb

Black Magic

Greenade Whistle

I Wanna Be A Billionaire

What do you think? I tried to dupe some of Deborah Lippmann's famous colors because they are so expensive and I can create my own for way less in a variety of different colors.

I ran out of the glitter mix that I was using, so I am planning on adding more to some of the colors. Purple was the color I started out with first if you can tell, it has the most glitter!! 

With number 7 the color photographed is not correct, in real life it is much much darker! I tried to recreate Billionaire from DL's newest collection and then add my glitter concoction. In real life it is very close but it needs something more and I can not figure it out!

I hope you enjoyed it!!!!

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  1. I love them all but the purple one is my faaavorite. :)

  2. I love them all!!! ha love the Greenade Whistle Name lol