Sunday, November 20, 2011

Comparison Post: Gray Based Holographic Glitter

Today I have another comparison post for you! China Glaze Some Like It Haute and Wet n Wild Diamond In the Rough
These are both recently released and are a small gray glitter based nail polish with larger holographic hex glitter.

L to R: China Glaze Some Like It Haute, 
Wet n Wild Diamond In the Rough

China Glaze Some Like It Haute

Wet n Wild Diamond In the Rough

Conclusion: The China Glaze and Wet n Wild are exact dupes of each other and would be perfect backups. 

Wet n Wild Diamond In the Rough:
price- $2.99 US
exclusivity- only sold in Walgreens
bottle size- 10 mL
collection- Ice Ice Baby

China Glaze Some Like It Haute:
price- $3.00 to $8.00 US
exclusivity- beauty supply stores
bottle size- 14 mL
collection- 3D Eye Candy Glitters

I have also heard that there are a few other dupes for this: 
1. Deborah Lippmann Dancing In The Dark, which you can see here.
2. Nails Inc. Special Effects in Sloane Square, which you can see here.
3. Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Glitz Gal, which you can see here. Pin It


  1. Thank you for the comparison! Now I don't have to buy both!!

  2. Excellent comparison! I have to say when I first say Diamond In The Rough I didn't care for it--I saw some swatches of Some Like It Haute and I liked it! What the heck?! Since they are dead on dupes I'd rather have the smaller bottle of Wet n Wild.

  3. That's awesome because this is one of my faves!!

  4. Awesome post! I have the WnW and I LOVE IT!!!! I shared this post on my blog. Thank you!!!!

  5. yes i love both!!! they are both gorgeous, and i am glad that if i ever run out of my wnw that i have my chg!!

  6. They look exactly the same to me!

  7. Good to know!! Thanks for the post!

  8. Great comparison! Even though I have the Wet 'n Wild I still have to have the China Glaze too. I never purposefully buy dupes but...I need all those Eye Candy glitters. They are just too awesome to resist! And I am definitely happy to have backups for a polish this awesome! That Wet 'n Wild bottle is on the small side so...backups/dupes are welcome in this case! :D