Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nail Mail and Haul

Monday I did some hauling and also received nail mail!!
Nail Mail:
China Glaze-
Glittering Garland
Velvet Bow
Tinsel Town
Color Club-
Sugarplum Fairy
Beyond the Mistletoe

Ross & ULTA Haul:
Beyond the Mistletoe sets
Sea Gurl
Lucky Duck
Nite Owl
CND Stickey
ULTA Material Girl
Cosmetic Arts Glitters

I went to a Ross and found THREE Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe collections that had flower tops and the salon labels on the bottom!! Can you say SCORE?! 

I also got the Cosmetic Arts glitters because they looked like Color Club dupes from the Scent-suous and Backstage Pass collections. 

How was your Monday? This definitely made my Monday fabulous!!
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  1. wow! i love them all!! *drool* :)

  2. I got those cosmetic arts polishes too. I also think the blue and purple is the same as the color club "very merry berry". I have no idea if it's scented, it didn't smell like it. Though, I thought I heard some don't smell until they dry? Maybe I'm wrong...

  3. What is the difference between the Ross color club sets without the flower tops and salon labels at the bottom versus with them?

  4. @Lisa xoxo the contents aren't different as far as the nail polish itself, only the bottles are different. The salons sets retail for about $23.00 which I found at Ross for only $7.99

  5. ~*~Jen~*~ yes they are exactly the same, the same company makes them. I smelled them and they don't smell scented at all, but it might translate differently on the nail once they dry.

  6. Me like this post!

  7. wow lucky you! I love nail mail :)